Energetic alternatives for ejaculation & taking control

As men we should have the choice of when we would like to ejaculate, or not. Ejaculation is not essential and when learn to take control yourself, you will be able to expand your orgasms throughout your body. Dr. Angela Shen explains: ‘if you draw energy up before and during your orgasm it will be more intense and last longer. You will also be less tired afterwards.” Circulating and controlling ejaculation allows you and your partner to have ecstatic intimate experiences and lovemaking. This ability to circulate sexual energy is the basis for both transcendent sexuality and vibrant health. The Taoist tradition believe that when you ejaculate you become drained, as an average ejaculation contains 50-250 million sperm cells, if your body does not have to replenish this raw material (you) each time it is able to use this energy to strengthen your body and mind.

What are energetic alternatives to ejaculation ? 

Ejaculation is when seminal fluid comes out, Orgasm is the pleasure part when you have the experience and sensations in the genitals, part or all of your body without any seminal fluid. Typically this is accompanied by contractions in / around your pelvic floor, compressing your prostate gland, etc.

Usually they happen at the same time. They don’t have to.

You can have:

The core purpose of ejaculation control is to determine when you choose to ejaculate, or not during masturbation or an intimate experience with a partner.

Premature ejaculation is a challenge facing many men however can be managed with understanding of how to control and take charge of the ejaculation, rather than the ejaculation appearing to take control of the man.

The technique for ejaculation control can be found in many books following various traditions from Taoism & other methods from China, India, Tibet, etc. It is based on moving the aroused sexual energy from your crotch upward in your body. Doing this requires you to develop certain skills and self knowledge: an awareness of what energy is inside you, develop skills to move energy, learn about the places where the energy might go, open and unclog the relevant pathways/meridians (“circuits”) for the energy to flow through, practice the techniques to the point where you can easily do them. Learning any new technique it requires practice, and this can be a pleasurable experience during masturbation or with a partner.
I personally enjoy Mantak Chia’s many books including: The Multi Orgasmic Man, Healing Love through the Tao, and Taoist Secrets of Love are very detailed and technical, probably overly and assume you have already opened your microcosmic orbit and undertaken significant amount of meditation, Yoga, qigong or bodywork practice.

Sexological Bodywork can assist in your embodiment journey of self discovery including simple techniques to assist you in energetic alternatives to ejaculation.

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These are testimonials from clients who have used these techniques:I recently attended several Sexbod Sessions with Jonn hoping to overcome a problem I had developed over ensuing years. This problem had not only immediate effects on my intimate life but had begun to have broader effects on my social and professional lives, leaving me withdrawn and generally lacking in confidence. I had met Jonn at CE YOGA men’s yoga school and finding him to be genuinely professional, caring and personable I decided he was the person I could trust to help me look at solutions to what was becoming a major cause of distress in my life. Over a series of private sessions Jonn used and taught me several techniques and exercises I could apply personally and with my partner to restore and rejuvenate my sex-life. Sincerely these sessions have been life-changing. Not only can I now confidently engage in prolonged and stress free sexual intimacy but my whole outlook on life has changed. I highly recommend Jonn and encourage everyone and anyone to experience the overall benefits such sex and bodywork therapies can bring.  George       

Thanks for the excellent bodywork sessions that have grown my self-knowledge about my sexual body and explored sexual issues of concern to me. Jonn’s approach is very supportive and affirming, and I came away feeling positive and energised with very useful learnings to put into practice.  It can make a real difference.  The sessions are tailored to each individual and I highly recommend the experience to others.  David

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