It is considered we all have a degree of bisexuality within us, just varing degrees.

Bisexual persons especially in hetronormative relationships often deny themselves of their own truth and happiness with serious risk to their mental and Physical Health being in denial, trying to walk the tightrope of keeping the status quo with family, friends, work and fear of being true to themselves and untimatly everyone has their own journey of self discovery.

The youth especially millennials often have a differnet phillosophy by not applying a specific gender to themselves unless they choose to do so and in the interim they are free to explore and find what works best for them.

I went through years of illness with chronic upper respitatory health issues including pneumonia, cirrhosis of the liver and sinus problems from the day I was married (1987) until I was literally dying in Hospital (1995) when I was forced to consider what could be making me so sick?.

I was granted weekend leave to go home and I came out to my wife that I was possibly gay or bisexual but did not really know however, if I did not let this go It would literally kill me, as I was so sick. n.b. At that time I had never had any sexual contact with another man.

Ten years later I had still not come out to my kids (as agreed with my wife, I was scared to loose the three people I loved so much in the world being my wife, son and daughter), my health was again deteriating and I had to share my truth with my children (aged 13 & 15). I came out to my kids with no issue at all which was an incredible relief, and less than four weeks later I was 100% cured (2004) of all my medical related issues and have enjoyed perfect health ever since.

The moral of the story is fear can kill you, truth and acceptance of self is absolute liberation & life saving.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change” –  Carl Rogers

Sexological Bodywork provides an opportunity to escape your mind, connect with your body, and learn more about yourself, sex, intimacy and pleasure in a flexible, thoughtful and safe environment.

Coaching sessions are self-paced, client-driven and practitioner facilitated for all gender identities, sexual orientations to assit in accepting yourself just as you are and getting the most out of sex, imtimacy and pleasure with yourself or an intimate partner.

SMH article  By Miki Perkins

‘Don’t feel seen’: Call to understand poor bisexual mental health

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Body Curious – April 2019