There is a surge of people including 20-30’s that are not getting any ………….

The video below explores social media as the cause of discourse of sex and intimacy in society.

In my experience sex is the same as exercise or any embodied skill; requiring regular engagement and commitment to maintain the fitness of the body and mind.

Whilst the video demostrates reasons why social media in many cases has diverted our attention away from intimacy and sex, the challenges actually go way beyond Social media and comes back the fundamentals of being taught about how to breath, being comfortable in our own body, and Sex including:

How to connect with your self and feel into your body; how to pleasure and be pleasured; connecting with a partner, dealing with shame and many more skills that develop our feeling senses and how to integrate these skills into every aspect of our lives.

Explore your potential, learn how to feel into your body and become embodied, because you’re worth it!

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