Welcome to our post around exploring your sexual resiliance during Covid19.

Hi I am Jonn Close, a somatic Sexological bodywork practitioner specialising in men’s health, sex education and intimacy training.

You know there’s been lots of Covid ups and downs and how that has affected many men’s sexual intimacy and pleasure.

COVID-19 has changed the way we interact with others in almost every aspect of our lives, including intimacy and our sexual lives.

Dating and hookup apps are ablaze! I hear from men who are frantically seeking a connection, some are simply fishing while others are deep diving despite the potential risks of Covid 19.

There is a surge of negative body consciousness, premature ejaculation, erectile issues, challenges with sexual communication, the inability to build connection with others and the list goes on. I call this COVID Disengagement and it affects men of all ages from late teenagers through to 70s and 80s.

Loneliness is at the heart of this increase in both emotional and physical health challenges caused by the pandemic. Building your resilience combats loneliness.

To become resilient in the face of adversity we first need to embrace the connection we have with ourselves and to learn to feel and be felt.

You know, those men who do have a connection and strong relationship with themselves attract and sustain more effective relationships with others and rarely feel lonely.

Consider the relationship you have with your pet. I’m going to share about my dog. You’re probably like me, diligently taking care of it with a good diet, exercise and most important of all lots of affection and love. How do you think your dog would feel if you disconnected from him?

Now think about it, are you disconnecting from your body? Disconnection is akin to loneliness and it has a significant impact in every aspect of your life. But there is a solution and it requires no pills or potions. It’s embodied self-love.

Did you know, the average man masturbates for around 2-3 minutes usually only stimulating his penis and completely ignores the rest of his body. Often masturbation is simply a process to get that “monkey off your back” resulting in a release with little or no pleasure.

You can harness that sexual energy in your body through simple self-love. Building a better relationship and engagement with your body re-wires and starts firing new neural pathways in your brain. Many of my clients have been amazed at the pleasure and positive outcomes that they have achieved. 

Think about it, when did you really give yourself some self-love?

Take care & keep safe

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