As a Sexbod practitioner, I support men in a wide range of areas including intimacy & pleasure coaching including how to feel pleasure in your body, achieve greater intimacy with your partners, communicating your needs, ejaculation choices, becoming a multi-orgasmic man, and so many more opportunities to learn and grow as a man

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, I have been fielding queries & working with men of all ages and orientations, encountering a variety of sex-related challenges, including not having sex, increased body dysmorphia, ejaculation control, erectile issues, and issues around how they use porn.

Why is this happening in healthy men of all ages?

let’s look at the biggest hurdle of all, body dysmorphia or simply not being comfortable in our own body. The majority of guys at some point in time of their life have felt the impact of shame relating to simply identifying as a man, sexual identity, sexual orientation, masturbation, religion, race, color, social, academic, and the list goes on. The impact of shame can bring about a disconnection from your body, social isolation, and lack of confidence to have a healthy sex life with yourself and others.

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