Self pleasuring is the corner stone for health and well-being.

Self pleasuring is the corner stone for health and well-being. As men and women we exercise our bodies and mind, take care of our diet however do little or nothing to nurture our bodies. Imagine a puppy that is walked and fed and given no love, we are the same and why mindful touch is […]

Not Getting any …. ?

There is a surge of people including 20-30’s that are not getting any …………. The video below explores social media as the cause of discourse of sex and intimacy in society. In my experience sex is the same as exercise or any embodied skill; requiring regular engagement and commitment to maintain the fitness of the […]

Bisexual Mental & Physical Health

It is considered we all have a degree of bisexuality within us, just varing degrees. Bisexual persons especially in hetronormative relationships often deny themselves of their own truth and happiness with serious risk to their mental and Physical Health being in denial, trying to walk the tightrope of keeping the status quo with family, friends, […]

What to do about Scars ?

Scar tissue remediation & Palpation of scar tissue In a world where feeling your body is not a high priority, the loss of sensation from scar tissue is accepted as normal. Sexological bodywork practitioners have noted significant loss of sensation and erotic impairment due to scar tissue. The good news is that massage on the […]

Becoming more comfortable with your body through mindful touch

We often think that our bodies are not good enough and should be thinner, bigger enhanced in one way or another, over time this often becomes an obsession especially being constantly bombarded with images of what a perfect body should look or feel like. This disengagement or disdain for the body that we have, often […]

Energetic alternatives to ejaculation & taking control

Energetic alternatives to ejaculation & taking control As men we should have the choice of when we would like to ejaculate, or not. Ejaculation is not essential and when learn to take control yourself, you will be able to expand your orgasms throughout your body. Dr. Angela Shen explains: ‘if you draw energy up before and during your orgasm it will […]

Sex and Disabilities

Sex Intimacy, the opportunity to love and be loved are critical factors in our lives as human beings, however for many people with disabilities this is merely a dream of what was, or could be? Connecting or re-connecting with your body is the first step for able bodied or those with a disability. There are […]