Exploring your sexual resiliance during Covid19

Welcome to our post around exploring your sexual resiliance during Covid19. Hi I am Jonn Close, a somatic Sexological bodywork practitioner specialising in men’s health, sex education and intimacy training. You know there’s been lots of Covid ups and downs and how that has affected many men’s sexual intimacy and pleasure. COVID-19 has changed the […]

Sexual wellbeing and intimacy after prostate cancer

Sexual wellbeing & intimacy after prostate cancer Sexual wellbeing and intimacy after prostate cancer often requires rehabilitation and time with empathy from intimate partners to be patient and supportive. Many men feel that prostate cancer (often resulting in a proctectomy – prostate removal) is similar to a woman having a hysterectomy, somewhat like removing his […]

Not Getting any …. ?

There is a surge of people including 20-30’s that are not getting any …………. The video below explores social media as the cause of discourse of sex and intimacy in society. In my experience sex is the same as exercise or any embodied skill; requiring regular engagement and commitment to maintain the fitness of the […]