Privacy & Consent


Body Curious follows the professional code of ethics required by The Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia (SSEAA)

Professional members of the SSEAA agree that:

  • The practitioner’s chief focus and primary ethical responsibility is for client wellbeing;
  • The practitioner works to establish a relationship which the client experiences as safe, consensual and fully engaged with clearly defined boundaries;
  • The practitioner works to support the client into their experience of embodiment. When consensual touch is included it is for the purposes of the client’s learning & growth;
  • The practitioner commits to their own personal growth, professional development and ongoing self- care.
  • Practitioners work clothed in one-on-one sessions. By wearing professional, comfortable clothing we allow those we work with to stay focused on their own bodies and feeling states;
  • All genital touch is one way. We do not act as surrogate partners. If those we work with wish to learn erotic touch or other partnered skills, they are welcome to bring a lover or friend to the learning sessions;
  • Medical-quality examination gloves are used for all internal genital and anal contact. The Australian protocol is to wear gloves with all genital contact;
  • Sessions are organized around a learning objective;
  • We commit to not enter into an erotic or romantic relationship with clients or students for at least 12 months after any work together has ceased.

Body Curious requires all new clients to complete a confidential Body Curious introduction form prior to their first session.

Throughout the entire process, Body Curious values and observes the highest level of client and practitioner confidentially.