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  • Your desire to experience more pleasure?
  • Re-connection with your body & sensual sensations?
  • Strategies to overcome your lack of arousal?
  • Solutions for your difficulties achieving orgasm?
  • Strategies to address erectile difficulties
  • Your lack of genital sensation?
  • Fun alternatives to spice up your sex life?
  • Your inability to sexually satisfy yourself?
  • Intercourse alternatives to reduce pain?
  • Overcoming your poor body-image?
  • Your inability to sexually satisfy your partner?
  • Your inability to communicate your sexual needs?
  • Alternatives to your reliance on troublesome fantasies or turn-ons?
  • Your fears around sexual contact or activities?
  • More satisfying solutions to delayed or rapid ejaculation?
  • Your decreased sense of connection with your partner?
  • Vaginal dryness?
  • Scar correction (those derived from injury or operation)?
  • Any another concern, or something you may be Curious about?
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