Curious to Learn?


Are you curious about:

  • Understanding your body?
  • Becoming more comfortable with your body?
  • Understanding your partner’s body?
  • Finding pleasure for yourself?
  • Experiencing energetic alternatives to ejaculation?
  • Learning to become a multi-orgasmic being?
  • Moving beyond sexual fantasy?
  • Communicating your needs and desires?
  • Experiencing arousal in a relaxed state?
  • Connecting with a partner?
  • Developing intimacy with a partner?
  • Pleasuring techniques for yourself and others?
  • Masturbation coaching?
  • Increasing your sexual satisfaction?
  • Extending/expanding your orgasmic state?
  • Body mapping?
  • Prostate exploration?
  • Your marvellous genitals?
  • Your incredible anus?
  • Invoking a variety of touch to your sex life?
  • Re-assessing a troublesome turn-on or fantasy?
  • Using sexual aids?
  • G-spot exploration?
  • Somatic erotic massage?
  • Orgasmic Yoga?
  • Scar tissue remediation?

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