Thanks for the excellent bodywork sessions that have grown my self-knowledge about my sexual body and explored sexual issues of concern to me. Jonn’s approach is very supportive and affirming, and I came away feeling positive and energised with very useful learnings to put into practice.  It can make a real difference.  The sessions are tailored to each individual and I highly recommend the experience to others.        


I recently attended several Sexbod Sessions with Jonn hoping to overcome a problem I had developed over ensuing years. This problem had not only immediate effects on my intimate life but had begun to have broader effects on my social and professional lives, leaving me withdrawn and generally lacking in confidence. I had met Jonn at CE YOGA men’s yoga school and finding him to be genuinely professional, caring and personable I decided he was the person I could trust to help me look at solutions to what was becoming a major cause of distress in my life. Over a series of private sessions Jonn used and taught me several techniques and exercises I could apply personally and with my partner to restore and rejuvenate my sex-life. Sincerely these sessions have been life-changing. Not only can I now confidently engage in prolonged and stress free sexual intimacy but my whole outlook on life has changed. I highly recommend Jonn and encourage everyone and anyone to experience the overall benefits such sex and bodywork therapies can bring.         


Jonn puts you at ease as soon as you meet him. His warmth and presence during the session ables you to totally relax, feel cared for and listened to, these qualities are rare to find.
The session was co-created by myself and Jonn, which made me feel totally safe and able to go deep into my body during the session which was a profound somatic experience. 
Aftercare was equality thought about and you leave feeling loved with a new sense of self and embodiment.Thank you  Jonn.         


I have been feeling disconnected from my body and ultimately my erotic self for the past few months. This was in connection to multiple things happening in my life, as life happens to most of us: focusing on a new career, being a single mom, being in a monogamous relationship for a few years, being a woman in her 40s who is going through hormonal changes which is causing my body to change with it. In one session with John via video conference, I was tingling in my body and more importantly, my vulva! John was so present with me during the video session, that I felt like he was in the room with me. He took the most important pieces of information from my intake form, pulled out details from asking me questions during the session and then provide practices that tapped into what I needed. I felt John was intuitive with my body’s needs even though my words were saying otherwise. He brought my awareness to my stomach and I released generations of “story” that was holding me back from feeling sexy. Powerful work and via video, amazing!.          

Aimee – San Francisco California USA

Jonn facilitated a safe, warm open that fostered a sense of safety within me to be comfortable sharing and opening myself up to this journey, from the first session so much was brought up (in a good way) that helped me understand myself and my body better which I trust will continue as I do the journey.   


The experience with Jonn was amazing. Jonn helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed and gave me the confidence let go and explore a new sexual experience. If you are curious to open your mind up to a new sexual experience, I highly recommend making contact with Jonn.   


Rarely do we have an opportunity to be professionally guided to discover our sexual potential – certainly a most important aspect of our being..