Hands-on Sex Education & Intimacy Coaching

Escape your mind, connect with your body, and learn more about yourself, sex, intimacy and pleasure.

Curious to explore & learn about:

  • Increasing sexual satisfaction?
  • Techniques to pleasure yourself and others? 
  • Becoming multi-organismic?
  • Exploring your body, anus and genitals?
  • Orgasmic Yoga & Massage?


What is a Sexbod Session?

A Sexbod Session is an opportunity to escape your mind, connect with your body, and learn more about yourself, sex, intimacy and pleasure in a flexible, thoughtful and safe environment.

Coaching sessions are self-paced, client-driven and practitioner facilitated for all gender identities, sexual orientations and disabilities undertaken in our Potts Point studio, your home or video conferencing (world wide).

Each Somatic Sexbod session is unique and informed by your personal history and goals.

*Somatic [soh-mat-ik, suh-]


Of or relating to the physical body, especially distinct from the mind, soul or psyche

Curious to Learn?


Are you curious about:

  • Understanding your body?
  • Becoming more comfortable with your body?
  • Understanding your partner’s body?
  • Finding pleasure for yourself?
  • Experiencing energetic alternatives to ejaculation?
  • Learning to become a multi-orgasmic being?
  • Moving beyond sexual fantasy?
  • Communicating your needs and desires?
  • Experiencing arousal in a relaxed state?
  • Connecting with a partner?
  • Developing intimacy with a partner?
  • Pleasuring techniques for yourself and others?
  • Masturbation coaching?
  • Increasing your sexual satisfaction?
  • Extending/expanding your orgasmic state?
  • Body mapping?
  • Prostate exploration?
  • Your marvellous genitals?
  • Your incredible anus?
  • Invoking a variety of touch to your sex life?
  • Re-assessing a troublesome turn-on or fantasy?
  • Using sexual aids?
  • G-spot exploration?
  • Somatic erotic massage?
  • Orgasmic Yoga?
  • Scar tissue remediation?

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Curious to Explore?


Are you curious about exploring:

  • Your desire to experience more pleasure?
  • Re-connection with your body & sensual sensations?
  • Strategies to overcome your lack of arousal?
  • Solutions for your difficulties achieving orgasm?
  • Strategies to address erectile difficulties
  • Your lack of genital sensation?
  • Fun alternatives to spice up your sex life?
  • Your inability to sexually satisfy yourself?
  • Intercourse alternatives to reduce pain?
  • Overcoming your poor body-image?
  • Your inability to sexually satisfy your partner?
  • Your inability to communicate your sexual needs?
  • Alternatives to your reliance on troublesome fantasies or turn-ons?
  • Your fears around sexual contact or activities?
  • More satisfying solutions to delayed or rapid ejaculation?
  • Your decreased sense of connection with your partner?
  • Vaginal dryness?
  • Scar correction (those derived from injury or operation)?
  • Any another concern?
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Our Practitioners

Body Curious practitioners are qualified, competent, professional and ensure each client works within their personal range and comfort.

About your BODY CURIOUS Practitioner:

Jonn Close is a qualified Somatic Sexological Bodywork Practitioner from the Institute of Somatic Sexological Bodywork,  a qualified Thai Yoga Massage teacher / practitioner and Yoga teacher.

Jonn’s work with people has been a lifelong passion, with an extensive history in supporting men’s health.

Jonn’s Body Curious practitioner work is available to all genders and sexual orientations.


Thanks for the excellent bodywork sessions that have grown my self-knowledge about my sexual body and explored sexual issues of concern to me. Jonn’s approach is very supportive and affirming, and I came away feeling positive and energised with very useful learnings to put into practice.  It can make a real difference.  The sessions are tailored to each individual and I highly recommend the experience to others.        


I recently attended several Sexbod Sessions with Jonn hoping to overcome a problem I had developed over ensuing years. This problem had not only immediate effects on my intimate life but had begun to have broader effects on my social and professional lives, leaving me withdrawn and generally lacking in confidence. I had met Jonn at CE YOGA men’s yoga school and finding him to be genuinely professional, caring and personable I decided he was the person I could trust to help me look at solutions to what was becoming a major cause of distress in my life. Over a series of private sessions Jonn used and taught me several techniques and exercises I could apply personally and with my partner to restore and rejuvenate my sex-life. Sincerely these sessions have been life-changing. Not only can I now confidently engage in prolonged and stress free sexual intimacy but my whole outlook on life has changed. I highly recommend Jonn and encourage everyone and anyone to experience the overall benefits such sex and bodywork therapies can bring.         


Jonn puts you at ease as soon as you meet him. His warmth and presence during the session ables you to totally relax, feel cared for and listened to, these qualities are rare to find.
The session was co-created by myself and Jonn, which made me feel totally safe and able to go deep into my body during the session which was a profound somatic experience. 
Aftercare was equality thought about and you leave feeling loved with a new sense of self and embodiment.Thank you  Jonn.         


I have been feeling disconnected from my body and ultimately my erotic self for the past few months. This was in connection to multiple things happening in my life, as life happens to most of us: focusing on a new career, being a single mom, being in a monogamous relationship for a few years, being a woman in her 40s who is going through hormonal changes which is causing my body to change with it. In one session with John via video conference, I was tingling in my body and more importantly, my vulva! John was so present with me during the video session, that I felt like he was in the room with me. He took the most important pieces of information from my intake form, pulled out details from asking me questions during the session and then provide practices that tapped into what I needed. I felt John was intuitive with my body’s needs even though my words were saying otherwise. He brought my awareness to my stomach and I released generations of “story” that was holding me back from feeling sexy. Powerful work and via video, amazing!.          

Aimee – San Francisco California USA

Jonn facilitated a safe, warm open that fostered a sense of safety within me to be comfortable sharing and opening myself up to this journey, from the first session so much was brought up (in a good way) that helped me understand myself and my body better which I trust will continue as I do the journey.   


The experience with Jonn was amazing. Jonn helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed and gave me the confidence let go and explore a new sexual experience. If you are curious to open your mind up to a new sexual experience, I highly recommend making contact with Jonn.   


Rarely do we have an opportunity to be professionally guided to discover our sexual potential – certainly a most important aspect of our being..   



Privacy & Consent


Body Curious follows the professional code of ethics required by The Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia (SSEAA)  http://sseaa.org/

Professional members of the SSEAA agree that:

  • The practitioner’s chief focus and primary ethical responsibility is for client wellbeing;
  • The practitioner works to establish a relationship which the client experiences as safe, consensual and fully engaged with clearly defined boundaries;
  • The practitioner works to support the client into their experience of embodiment. When consensual touch is included it is for the purposes of the client’s learning & growth;
  • The practitioner commits to their own personal growth, professional development and ongoing self- care.
  • Practitioners work clothed in one-on-one sessions. By wearing professional, comfortable clothing we allow those we work with to stay focused on their own bodies and feeling states;
  • All genital touch is one way. We do not act as surrogate partners. If those we work with wish to learn erotic touch or other partnered skills, they are welcome to bring a lover or friend to the learning sessions;
  • Medical-quality examination gloves are used for all internal genital and anal contact. The Australian protocol is to wear gloves with all genital contact;
  • Sessions are organized around a learning objective;
  • We commit to not enter into an erotic or romantic relationship with clients or students for at least 12 months after any work together has ceased.

Body Curious requires all new clients to complete a confidential Body Curious introduction form prior to their first session.

Throughout the entire process, Body Curious values and observes the highest level of client and practitioner confidentially.

Post Trauma Support


After resolution of trauma and associated symptoms with your therapist, Body Curious is qualified to provide support for you to re-engage with your body. We do not provide counselling or talk therapy sessions.

In the event you are seeking Trauma related Therapy contact a Clinical Psychologist for support: https://acpa.org.au/

Workshops and Group Sessions

Workshops and Group Sessions

BODY CURIOUS offers workshops and group sessions for a diverse range of special events including festivals and special interest groups.

Curious? call 61 416 012 862 or email info@bodycurious.com

Session Pricing

Session Pricing Options

Body curious have single and session packages for individuals and partners, in studio or mobile.

Private Sessions – individuals

90 min: $180/1-2

Multi session Packages

90 min: 3-5 $165 – 6 or more $150

Zoom / Skype sessions – 60 min

$140 / 1-2

Multi session Packages

3-5 $130 – 6 or more $120

Private sessions – partners

90 min $240

Multi session Packages

90 min: 3-5 $220 – 6 or more $200

Session packages are prepaid

Mobile sessions

90 min: $300/1

Based on 40 min total travel time to and from Potts Point studio. $50 per additional 30 min, plus tolls & parking if applicable. Partner sessions available on request



 Appointments and enquiries

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Please call +61 416 012 862 or email  info@bodycurious.com

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