Somatic Sex, Intimacy & Pleasure Education

Specialising in Men's Health

Build a better relationship with your body - learn more about sex, intimacy & pleasure

Curious to explore & learn about:

  • Increasing sexual satisfaction?
  • Techniques to pleasure yourself and others?
  • Becoming multi-organismic?
  • Exploring your body, anus and genitals?
  • Orgasmic Yoga & Massage?


What is a Sexbod Session?

A Sexological Bodywork Session is an opportunity to escape your mind, connect with your body, and learn more about yourself, sex, intimacy and pleasure in a flexible, thoughtful and safe environment.

Educational sessions are self-paced, client-driven and practitioner facilitated for all gender identities, sexual orientations and disabilities undertaken in our Potts Point studio, your home or online.

A Somatic Sexological Bodywork session is unique and informed by your personal history and goals.

*Somatic [soh-mat-ik, suh-]


Of or relating to the physical body, especially distinct from the mind, soul or psyche

Curious to Learn?

Are you curious about:

  • Understanding your body?
  • Becoming more comfortable with your body?
  • Understanding your partner’s body?
  • Finding pleasure for yourself?
  • Experiencing energetic alternatives to ejaculation inc: premature ejaculations and becoming a multi orgasmic man?
  • Learning to become a multi-orgasmic being?
  • Moving beyond sexual fantasy?
  • Communicating your needs and desires?
  • Experiencing arousal in a relaxed state?
  • Connecting with a partner?
  • Developing intimacy with a partner?
  • Pleasuring techniques for yourself and others?
  • Masturbation coaching?
  • Increasing your sexual satisfaction?
  • Extending/expanding your orgasmic state?
  • Body mapping?
  • Prostate exploration?
  • Your marvellous genitals?
  • Your incredible anus?
  • Invoking a variety of touch to your sex life?
  • Re-assessing a troublesome turn-on or fantasy?
  • Using sexual aids?
  • G-spot exploration?
  • Somatic erotic massage?
  • Orgasmic Yoga?
  • Scar tissue remediation?

Curious to Explore?

Are you curious about exploring:

  • Your desire to experience more pleasure?
  • Re-connection with your body & sensual sensations?
  • Strategies to overcome your lack of arousal?
  • Solutions for your difficulties achieving orgasm?
  • Strategies to address erectile difficulties
  • Your lack of genital sensation?
  • Fun alternatives to spice up your sex life?
  • Taoist erotic massage?
  • Your inability to sexually satisfy yourself?
  • Intercourse alternatives to reduce pain?
  • Overcoming your poor body image?
  • Your inability to sexually satisfy your partner?
  • Your inability to communicate your sexual needs?
  • Alternatives to your reliance on troublesome fantasies or turn-ons?
  • Your fears around sexual contact or activities?
  • More satisfying solutions to delayed (becoming a multi-orgasmic man with ejaculation control) or rapid (premature) ejaculation?
  • Your decreased sense of connection with your partner?
  • Scar correction (those derived from injury or operation)?
  • Any other concerns?

Our Practitioners

Body Curious practitioners and are qualified, competent, professional and ensure each client works within their personal range and comfort.

Jonn Close is a qualified Somatic Sexological Bodywork practitioner, Yoga teacher, and Thai Yoga Massage trainer and practitioner.

Jonn’s work supporting men’s health is a lifelong passion.

The journey is safe and non-judgemental, fostering a flexible & collaborative approach.

Jonn provides Sexological Bodywork sessions to all genders and sexual orientations.

Body Curious offers both male and female practitioners for all genders and sexual orientations including:

Rebecca  & Lucy who are qualified Sexological Bodyworkers and Sex Educators, certified through the Institute of Somatic Sexology.



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Privacy & Consent

Body Curious follows the professional code of ethics required by The Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia (SSEAA) including Health Combined Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Workshops and Group Sessions

BODY CURIOUS offers workshops and group sessions for a diverse range of special events including festivals and special interest groups. Curious? call 61 416 012 862 or email

Post Trauma Support

After resolution of trauma and associated symptoms with your therapist, Body Curious practitioners are qualified to provide support for you to re-engage with your body through Sexological bodywork and embodied counselling skills. In the event you are seeking Trauma related Therapy contact a Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist for support: -

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Pricing - 1 on 1 session

Private Session

$ 190 90 min
  • 1 - 2 sessions

3 Session Package

$ 180 90 min
  • 3 - 5 sessions

6 Session Package

$ 170 90 min
  • 6+ sessions

Online Session

$ 140 60 min
  • Zoom

Mobile Session *

$ 300* 90 min
  • 1 sessions

* Mobile sessions pricing is based on 40 min total travel time to and from Potts Point studio. $50 per additional 30 min, plus tolls & parking if applicable. Partner sessions available on request.

Pricing - Couples sessions 2hrs

Private Session

$ 250 120 min
  • 1 - 2 sessions

3 Session Package

$ 240 120 min
  • 3 - 5 sessions

6 Session Package

$ 230 120 min
  • 6+ sessions

Online Session

$ 240 120 min
  • Zoom

Multi-session packages available

All Prices are in AUD $ – Credit card, direct deposit, and cash payments available



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